About The Founders

The Benfield boys, Shane & George Benfield always had a love for picking and for finding antiques. It was an adventurous journey that they did as father/son to pass the time, one that solidified their relationship and admiration for one another.  It was this bond that paved the way for the creation of the festival.

The Benfield boys along with Jeff Lemmond and Jimmy Brown partnered up to create a fantastic event that everyone enjoys. It was a joint collaboration that has passed the test of time. Each year it evolves and becomes greater and greater, as the bonds become stronger.

The Carolina Pickers Festival was an idea that took off from the very first show. Its success has made it what it has become today, a wonderful place where people can buy, sell or barter their antiques. Where families can enjoy a weekend of good old-time values, great music, and memories long gone. Where stories are exchanged freely and where smiles manifest into good times.

To put it simply into words, it is a story of good friends who dreamed big dreams and were not afraid to chase after them.

The Benfield, Lemmond and Brown Family

Dearest web visitors, the Benfield, Lemmond and Brown family cordially invites you to join our families for this amazing fun-filled event!

Antiques, Classic Cars, Vintage Goods, Great Music, Good food and so much more awaits you

The Benfield Family

The Lemmond Family


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